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Yet, according to the Pew study, 21 percent of Internet users agree with the statement: "People who use online dating sites are desperate." Pew notes that's an 8 percentage-point decline from 2005.Still, there seems to be lingering judgment about using a smartphone to find someone to love."I think people don't like to admit that they are having trouble in their romantic life," said Eli Finkel, a social psychology professor at Northwestern University. It is totally normal to figure out who is compatible for you."Finkel, who with several colleagues published a critical analysis of online dating last year, has become a cheerleader of sorts for the practice."I think that delineation, that separation from online-date persona and in-person social situations, is a real thing."He also separates his online dating from his social-media activity.It's a form of image management, like his adherence to the "mom rule": keeping an online presence that he wouldn't be embarrassed for his mother to see.Notifications about matches aren't sent unless both users approve of each other, so it's good for those with a fear of rejection.The stats The site has, on average, 5 million new matches and 400 million profile ratings a day.GROUPERHow it works Users sign up through Facebook and pick a trio of friends; Grouper plans a meeting with a set of three other friends at a local bar.

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How it works The app searches for singles based on the user's location.

After you've signed up Every day at noon, users get a "bagel," or a match.

The app sets up a private line to allow text messaging between both parties without revealing phone numbers.

The ratings Users are split - some want a long-term relationship; others want a casual fling.

But they're united in that they want a simple profile to fill out to join.

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